Update Season 2020/21

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Dear Ice Cross Athletes!

As you know we had to move the date for the ATSX 250 in Judenburg a few weeks ago when the austrian government announced the new lockdown.
Yesterday the lockdown got extended to the 24th of January.

The week by week changing of regulations and possible lockdowns with an unknown duration makes it quite hard at the moment to set a new date. With that been said we do everything we can to get a new and realistic date and let you know as soon as possible when we have it.

Below you can find the answer to the most important questions.

We hope to see you all soon!
Your ÖSCV team

Is there a new race date?

Currently we are planning to have the event on February 6th 2021.

Is the track open for training?

Our team tries to provide the possibility for official trainings at the track as soon as possible.

Please note that you still have to follow the quarantine guidelines if you travel to Austria from a different country.

Can I compete if I come from a different division?

The race will be held according to offical ATSX rules. As of now there is no definite rule for this, please be patient.

Can I compete if I am new to the Ice Cross sport?

Our goal is to have an open event where new athletes can participate. However, depending on the situation and regulations, you may need to be in an association to compete. We will provide information on this as soon as possible.

Is there an event schedule?

Not at the moment.