Season Information 2020 / 2021

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Covid19 is still shutting down sports and countries. For a sport like Ice Cross Downhill, with events and athletes from all over the world it is a very heard time.

Right now the ÖSCV plans to host an ATSX250 event on January 16th 2021 in Judenburg, Styria. The summer was used to upgrade the track and we are excited to show the new obstacles soon.

The ÖSCV and ATSX are working on a safety concept to deal with the ongoing situation with Covid19 in Austria. Right now it is not possible to assure that the event will be held, but everyone involved does its best to make it happen.

Furthermore there are plans to make a training camp happen in the week before the race.

Once again we want to thank the local Natural Luge Club SC Winterleiten for the possibility to have a track with all the required infrastructure. Without their support we could not make anything happen.